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Why vinyl your Xiaomi m365 electric scooter

Why put a kit Stylish Scooters to your Xiaomi m365 electric scooter?

Today the world of personal urban mobility is growing by leaps and bounds that we cannot deny, we take our electric scooter and move around the city much faster, cleaner and cheaper.
Since Stylish Scooters we saw the need to give each electric scooter its own personality, from the experience of 19 years in the world of adhesives we developed the idea.

If you think about it, each one of us is going to work on a 5-seater car, occupying unnecessary space on our roads and unnecessarily polluted, the truth does not make much sense if you think about it, but it is what we have seen all our lives and we see it. normal for now, until now we see a more logical and clean solution, it is only a matter of time before this fashion for electric scooters is incorporated into our daily lives as something normal, it is clear that urban mobility has come to stay.

As a result of Covid-19, we even more want to move quickly and have as little contact as possible with others, maintaining a safe distance but we cannot always do so.

But what happens when we are forced to take public transport with our electric scooter?

Well, all the Xiaomi m365 electric scooters in sight are the same and we do not know which one is ours, having to touch and look at which one it is.

If we put some vinyls on our scooter we win in many ways, it is clear that it is much more aesthetically beautiful, but apart from that we will only know at a glance which one is ours.
We have designs for all audiences, camouflage of various colors, stripes with lines and different colors, sticker bomb as if you had a lot of stickers stuck, the Xiaomi m365 electric scooters are the king scooters of customization, 10-inch wheels, solid, suspensions monorin, modified fenders, etc.
The Vinyls could not be less, we want our clients to feel the same as we feel when we make a design and send the kit to a client, they take something of ours, there is nothing that makes us more proud than to see an electric scooter with our stickers .

Our adhesives are special for Xiaomi m365 electric scooter, since it is specially painted so that nothing sticks to it, neither dust nor dirt, so it was quite difficult to find a material that adheres well, we do not need soap or dryer to place them They are very resistant and we apply an extra laminate to prevent the scooter from being scratched by use, before the vinyl takes it, it is cheaper to change the vinyl than the paint of the Xiaomi electric scooter.

When we made the template for the Xiaomi scooter, we made it from experience, we know how far you can force an adhesive without it suffering and remaining intact for many years, you do not need to remove any cable or part to place the adhesive kit, and vice versa. you have a repair you will not have to remove the stickers. The corners have a special finish to prevent them from lifting.
If you also buy our reflective stickers you will not only gain in protection but you will gain in security, since in winter at 17 pm in the afternoon it is night and you leave work and they do not see you from the side, with the reflective stickers they will see you much more, since you will have the handlebar bar and the battery base with the reflective stickers.

After many tests and improvements we have achieved a product that we are proud of.

The best thing about these reflective adhesives is that they are approved in the automotive category such as cars and motorcycles, during the day you will not notice that they are reflective, the impression remains the same, only at dusk and when a light focuses you will see how the stickers reflect, when the more at night the more they will see you.
We have a placement video so you can see how they are placed here I will leave you the link, it does not leave residue when removing them, especially clean the area well with 98 degree Alcohol so that it is degreased and to be placed.


We attach a plan of where each adhesive piece goes on the electric scooter like the Ikea, no, not that it is much simpler, do not be afraid, start with smaller pieces and then the larger and more complicated ones for the end.

If you watch the video you will see how easy it is to place our adhesives, we include in the packaging a cardboard card to apply the adhesives, although you can do it with a clean and dry cotton cloth pressed out of the middle to let the air out.

In Stylish Scooters always use first-class materials, specialized in the automotive industry, we always use top brands, we want the adhesives we manufacture to continue in perfect condition so that they look like the first day.
All the adhesive kit for the Xiaomi m365 electric scooter are suitable for all models, little by little we will be incorporating more models as we already have available for Joyor and I know-twow.

If you want to change the decoration or simply remove them, don't worry, we advise you to heat the adhesives a little before starting to remove them, so they will come off more easily without leaving any residue.
Be careful on the surface where you place them, they are especially designed For the Xiaomi m365 if you stick it somewhere else, painted or on a movable wall etc, keep in mind that it can tear off the surface, since they have a high grip, if you stick them there is no going back!

If you want to test before stick them, just cut out the adhesive on the paper siliconized around and present them without detaching them, make a placement mark with a tape or masking tape.

In the Xiaomi m365 template we incorporate the 2 screen stickers for both the m365 and the m365 pro. Check availability because there are templates that are exclusive only for the normal M365, indicate it in the order and we will change the sticker on the screen.

Planp de colocación adhesivos patinete Xiaomi m365


Any doubts or questions you have can be directed to this email address hello@stylishscooters.com

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