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Snowboard customization Stylish Scooters

I bring you a job, so you can see that in Stylish Scooters we decorate anything even a snowboard, already a few years old s and decided to wash his face je, je, je .

If you want to see more things we do, I invite you to go through Yourimage. en
We have fully tested material in the world of Off-road, we can also use it in surfboards and now Snowboard.

Snowboard board before vinyl application

You have your snowboard that is new, but you are tired of the drawing or if you compete and want to put your collaborating sponsors on them , without having to fill the table with loose stickers or simply give it your personal touch and you don't want to buy a new one because this is the option!!!.

Here you have step by step how after designing and printing it, you will see how the placement is easy.

Vinyl with finished design

After choosing the design, we do the digital printing, we use biodegradable eco-solvent ink, we always try to reduce the environmental impact as much as possible.

Centering the vinyl on the board

We put the entire sheet on top of the table and center it to ensure that everything is in place before placement. We spray water with a sprayer both on the board and the adhesive. The water prevents air bubbles from remaining.

Apply the vinyl with a spatula to avoid leaving air bubbles.


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