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Stylish Scooters gives personality to your scooter

Stylish Scooters is a young project created to serve the electric scooter sector, to which has been added a long experience in the design, manufacture and customization of top quality adhesive products for all types of vehicles.

Based on deep knowledge of the segment of customization through self-adhesive materials and in the face of the constant expansion of the electric scooter market, Stylish Scooters launches its new range of vinyl kits to customize the most popular models on the market.


The Stylish Scooters catalog is constantly evolving, adjusting to the needs of our customers and the renewal of the market. We currently offer pre-designed vinyl kits for Xiaomi M365, E-Twow, Ninebot Segway or Joyor, with different finishes and qualities. In addition, we also have accessories to customize Monorin suspensions or replacement SDT brake pads.

The Stylish Scooters project does not only consist of offering multiple options of pre-designed kits that can be purchased at the main distributors in the sector, but also of offering an 'à la carte' service for the customization of fleets of scooters for companies of rental or to the distribution or services sector that already use electric scooters as tools in their day-to-day business.

In addition to improving the safety of its users, by notably increasing visibility thanks to its reflective qualities, the Stylish Scooters kits are also designed to protect the scooter from wear and scratches in the most exposed areas in continued use.

Currently, several sets of stickers are offered for each design, starting with a basic kit that covers the most basic areas of the scooter, a second complete kit, as well as a reflective version of both.

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With Stylish Scooters the time has come to give personality to your scooter!

Stylish Scooters

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