Sticker for Xiaomi m365 scooter decoration Kamikaze

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Vinilo Xiaomi m365 Kamikaze

Personalized adhesive vinyl with the Japanese flag in the style of the mythical Kamikazes.

Personalize your electric scooter with the vinyls for Xiaomi m365 Kamikaze decoration with this spectacular kit, bright colors with a protective laminate, it will give your scooter a brutal style.

Design made by Stylish Scooters you won't see anything like it.

Kamikaze custom vinyl! Banzai!!

  • Valid for all Xiaomi M365 models
  • High grip vinyl laminate
  • ·Does not leave a residue when removed.
  • · They do not need heat to place them.
  • ·Easy placement.
  • ·Gift stickers with each kit.

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